Month: January 2015

Going Insane with Digital Marketing

What is going to work in 2015?

Bill Gates once said: ” If I want anything done I give it to a lazy person because the lazy one will find easier ways to get the job done ” (paraphrase). It’s no surprise he used an automated system (sort of) for his ice bucket challenge. No wonder he is the richest man in…
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January 21, 2015 0

Blog, Blog Network and Blog-o-sphere

So we are all conscious that in our reality the internet has changed the way we live our life, by making it easier for sure. That is a change in technology that has given to every internet user the power of “posting”. You can post anything on the net, you can write, you can comment,…
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January 17, 2015 2

How to use 301 and 302 redirect

Heard about 301 and 302 redirect? When you have a blog or website to master, you occasionally will need to redirect the links when you try new applications or programs to make the performance of your blog even better. So, it is very very important to know which redirect code you will need to use, as…
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January 16, 2015 1

Building Your Best Team Today

Your Team is your Success! Learn How To Manage Your Staff and create the Success team and For The Best Results! Simple Step-by-step System. Dear managers, If you are sick and tired with a non-performing team? …..if you are frustrated with a team who have negative attitudes….if you are tired of employees that come in late…..or if…
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January 7, 2015 0