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Why use Facebook Advertising?

Because Facebook advertising can produce results no other platform can, at costs none can match.

How? Because of what they know.

Facebook knows what pages you like and what you ignore. They know what you comment on and share, and what you barely glance at.

They know your age, where you work, where you have worked, your education, and where you are geographically.

They know your interests, what kind of movies you watch, the music you listen to, TV shows, hobbies, and the products you buy. They even know how likely you are to click on an ad, watch a video or send a message to a page.

And they got this information directly from you. That’s how they determine which ads to put in front of you and which ones not to.

Of course this is with your agreement, you can delete the cookies they store for you, but most people don’t as it’s not a problem.

But what if YOU could use all this knowledge Facebook gathered, to get YOUR message in front of the people you KNOW would be interested in your product? And for less than any other platform could offer?

You CAN.

With the Facebook and Instagram Advertising Packages we offer.

From its powerful algorithm, to the philosophy behind how it works and how to use it, on to an overview and walk through of Facebook’s Business Manager for full understanding and use, and through to the creation of real, specifically targeted and effective ads.

And finally… to the sword of fire itself: Re-Targeting.

If you haven’t checked out our packages yet, you really need to.

It has real, well-studied, well–used strategies to help you really take off, from one of the best Facebook certified marketers and trainers, who has been deep in the trenches of this world for years, blowing up his own brands by creating the First Digital Marketing Academy in Albania and social growth for her clients.

And… it’s completely FREE to ask Eljona for a business audit report in order to define which your strengths and weaknesses of your social presernce are. Pretty much a win-win scenario.

I promise you, you won’t regret it.



Founder of Maximum Matrix

I have been offering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, Google ads and Pinterest ads since 2011 and have helped hundreds of small & large companies, local and global brands to increase their sales and visibility through online advertising.

Facebook and Instagram Ads are a very essential feature in your business growth strategy in Social Media

Our Team will take care of your existing clients and grow them for you by PPC advertising.

We have:

– 8 years of experience in the online advertising

– 1465 clients served and growing

– More than 800K in ads spent managed

– Experienced for any type of small and medium business and category

Our Services for you:

Facebook marketing is essential if used from professionals.

+ Market research

+ Audience outreach potential

+ Ads Creation (customized pictures + texts)

+ Facebook campaign set up (Instagram can be added as well within the price)

+ Split testing (A/B testing)

+ CPC optimization

+ Pixel creation and Installation in your page / website

+ Optimize for conversion

+ Create Lookalike audience for better conversion rates (usually go well with Premium)

  • Weekly ads report
  • Web design recommendations 

Audience Targeted by:



Likes & interests


Demographics (or as you have an interest to)

Custom audiences by specific action they take

Lookalike audiences to increase the potential

Management Team: 

Your Personal Account Manager will be your contact during all the process! So, any questions feel free to ask!

Learn how you can give us access by reading our FAQ below. It is an easy and safe process.