Maximum Exposure For Your Craigslist Ads

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Maximum Exposure For Your Craigslist Ads

March 22, 2016 Tools To Use 0

How To Get Maximum Exposure For Your Craigslist Ads

You have gone through the trouble of posting an ad or many ads to The pictures are fabulous, there are great keywords in the title, and you have amazing ad copy. If nobody knows about these ads and if no one sees them then all of the effort you have put into them is for not. Here are some ideas for getting maximum exposure for your ads.

The first thing you should do is to inform everyone you know about these ads. Send an email to everyone on your contact list. Tell all of your close friends a relatives. Make mention to it at all of your kids sporting and school events. Once you have the basic word of mouth and your close contacts informed, you must expand the areas that you promote your ad in.


One place to promote your ad is on any list-serves that you belong to. You can do this in several ways depending on this list's rules. Add a link to one of your ads as part of your email signature. This is one way to not only promote to lists, but to promote to everyone you contact as well. If the list allows posting of ads, then for sure post a link to every ad you have. The more exposure your ad receives, the faster your item will sell. is another place to get maximum exposure for your ad. Place a link for all of your ads out on your myspace page. Invite your myspace friends to look at your ads. This will put your ad out in front of many individuals.


Don't forget about when looking for maximum exposure for your ads. Keep all of the links to your ads updated so that everyone knows about them. Just like with myspace, be sure to let all of your facebook friends know about your ads. This way you can be sure that the work you put into making those ads effective was time well spent.


Do you have an account with any of the other social websites like, or others like it? If so post a link to your ads. If not, why not open an account create some links. This is a very effective way to get more people to look at your ad.  It is very easy to sign up for these accounts and you can link to your ads in just a few minutes. It really is something you ought to try.


Are you a blogger? Tell everyone at every blog site you visit about your terrific ads. Include a link to them in your posting where allowed to. Nothing can get the word out faster than sending it out to the internet for everyone to see.

Finally, look to see if what you are selling answers a question that someone has posted to Yahoo Answers. Posting the link to your ad in a response to a question might bring you a sale. Even if a sale does not occur, you have a free link to your ad out on Yahoo!

Now you know how to get maximum exposure for your ads. Even if you only use one or two of these techniques you are sure to generate a lot more traffic to your items for sale. None of these tactic will cost you a penny. This is truly free advertising. Take advantage of it. It only takes a just few minute of your time.

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