Network Panda web hosting review – Positive experience

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Network Panda web hosting review – Positive experience

December 21, 2015 Tools To Use 1

Network Panda web hosting review – Positive experience

Hello my friends, today i want to share with you my experience with Network Panda.

Network Panda web hosting

1 year ago while searching for a company to host a new web site, I found an offer by Network Panda posted on a well known web hosting related forum and I decided to order a hosting plan from them. The price and specs of their hosting plans looked just right for my requirements.

I ordered my hosting account on November 2, 2014 and it was instantly activated. I logged into cPanel and the first thing I noticed is how fast it was. Every click I made was responding almost instantly. Of course it should be like this and I shouldn't mention it. If I do so, it is because some other hosts I used in the past were too slow even for simple cPanel actions. So the fast response of cPanel with Network Panda was a very good first experience.

I updated the name-servers for the domain and as soon as it propagated, I navigated to WordPress installation page of cPanel/Softaculous. I typed the details of the site and upon clicking “Install” it took only 2 seconds for the server to complete the installation. This was fast!

Next step, I logged into WordPress administrator, installed about 5 plugins needed for better management of the content and a premium theme. The response of my web site was awesome, from the first moment everything was running fast, be it posting new articles, updating settings, managing widgets etc.

I set up Pingdom and StatusCake to monitor the up-time of the web site, just to find out how reliable their server was. Well, my up-time is awesome. Just check the screenshots below. The up-time is 100%. I also noticed a significant increase of the traffic lately yet the site remains very fast and responsive.




This is what i had to say about Network Panda web hosting opportunity, you need to check them immediately as they have also a great customer care service.

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  1. Ace says:

    I found this review on Google and I agree 100% that they are indeed a very good host. I have the same very good levels of uptime, performance and support on the NY (New York) server. I registered with them only 3 months ago and I feel comfortable finding on the web positive reviews by long term customers. This makes me assured that I will have the same good experience.

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