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We are a full service Company with a passion for Effective Marketing and a Dedication to Higher Standards. We are very proud of the hard work we put into the projects we complete for our clients around the world. We value every single one of them and we are also very proud of the results we achieved.

Millions of potential customers are on social media everyday! 

Reach those customers by establishing a strategic and creative social media game plan!!

A fantastic way to encourage interaction and build your social media fan-base is to run a contest or campaign. We provide Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Twitter Ads etc, Budget management; Email marketing Management and Local sites CPM based advertisement management. We can create and manage your campaign as well as create graphical elements to promote and market your online events. Social Media specializes in driving the best social media marketing results for our clients. Our exclusive focus led to unique insight, capabilities, and processes for socializing consumer brands.  

Whether you're looking to win new customers or keep them, connecting is KEY to growing the relationship. Social media sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter can be an effective way of generating sales and improving customer loyalty. We can help you get and keep customers. We are a connections acquisition company!

We will present  a  step by  step  approach  to  seize  the  capabilities  you  need  to more  effectively  and  profitability increase engagement and loyalty of your customers. This is accomplished by monetizing of all of internet’s advantages offered. 


About Us

A Full Service Agency

Social Media Management. Daily and periodic content updates including  posts, articles, photos, company-related posts across all of the social platforms and the companies' online info distribution channels (like the website or the blog – as per request).

Advertising Campaigns Management.  We will manage the budget allocated on a daily basis for better-expected results. We will allocate more budgets to virally performing posts and shortening it for those that convert less. 

Testing & Tracking.  We will get and use daily customer feedback. Best posts will be allocated to the appropriate advertising budget. In doing so we will reduce costs by spending as little as possible while driving the best results possible.

Sales Pages. Creation and effective management of specific sales pages within the website where Your Company will adapt its offline campaigns for its products into understandable and intuitive information for the web users to see and act upon.

E-mail Marketing. Professional preparation of e-mail posts, optimizing the e-mails for greater open rates and intuitive information and at the same time taking care of the delivery process, on a daily or periodic basis. 

Brand reinforcement. We use several web-based techniques to peacefully force the brand name into every internet user of the country, region, city of your interest on a daily basis. This opens up your image distribution to the internet channel, thus creating a distinctive advantage over your competitors.




What We Offer

Content and Branding

This strategy aims to increase and distribute the image of Your Company to every internet user in your desired market on a daily or periodic basis, thus enforcing the product image in the market by increasing authority and likability.

Marketing Channels usually used are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, E-mail Marketing, and your Blog resources. 

Key benefits: 

Growth in: Brand visibility, Brand authority, Brand likability, Brand trust

Digital Marketing

We will give your Company increased exposure in the market while selling more products.

This  process  uses  testing  &  tracking  in  order  to  monitor  through time  every  campaign  and  promotion  that  we  do.   We will use several tools in order to measure traffic and visitor behavior across all platforms and every single promotion, post, content or message we deliver.

By  determining  the  winning  messages  or  campaigns  we  will allocate more budget to them and shorten it for the ones who are less  effective.  The budget management will be transparent and open to direct supervision by Your Company at any time. 

Key benefits: Cost reduction, Increased revenue, Higher ROI


Our Latest Work

Jewelry store


1. Product stand-alone page

2. Funnel Creation

3. Payment gateway and upsell setup 

4. Social Media Profiles Creation and Management

5. Paid Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

6. Email Marketing


1. Company Funnel Creation, Booking Vouchers integration. 

2. Social Media Profiles Creation and Management

3. Email Marketing

eCommerce business

1. Product stand-alone page

2. Funnel Creation

3. Payment gateway and upsell setup 

4. Social Media Profiles Creation and Management

5. Paid Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

6. Email Marketing


We Work With The Best companies All Around the World

"Creating a sustainable process cycle"

We have  designed  a  Social  Media  Review  procedure  that  will  assess  your  business  and  industry environment to determine a Social Media Strategy that meets your requirements. We will examine even further your company’s existing resources, business strategy, and online communication channels. We will engage in a process that is sustainable over the long–term and adds value to your company. 

We are committed to being serious and effective in what we do best: building long-term connections. We believe in the power of the internet and have the right energy, as well as the needed experience in the field. 

We  want  to  be  your  partners  in  unleashing  the  potential  of  your  business  on  the  Internet to achieving Return on Investment. 

Eljona Kosta

Maximum matrix



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