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 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks 

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A lot of people teach email marketing. And to be honest, I follow a lot of those people too ... Because I'm an eternal student (and a spy).
Of course, I listen to some people more closely than others..., because to be honest you also can learn from their old fashion email marketing techniques and  get out the best of it.

Here's my modest list of warning signs that help me distinguish the good from the bad (none of these are definite no-nos) and you can also agree or disagree:

  1. They talk about adswaps
  2. Sales pages that look like they came from the early 2000s
  3. You don't feel like reading their emails
  4. They keep shoving new "opportunities" at your face
  5. Their only website is a sales page
  6. They never share anything about their personal life
  7. Emails that are less than 100 words (with plenty of links)
  8. IM cliches (they promise quick riches, use misleading subject lines, silly product names etc.)
  9. Blind copy "squeeze pages"
  10. They recommend using PLR
  11. They talk about "one-time offers"
  12. They keep talking about relationships and value but never show you how exactly they "provide value" etc.
I'm sure there are more warning signs in email marketing but that's enough for now.
I would love to hear what you think about my insane internet marketing thoughts, so do not hesitate do shoot on a comment below. At the same time if you have any question or concern about a particular offer you are getting do not hesitate to ask.
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