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About Us

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Meet our Founder

Eljona Kosta is the Founder of “Eljona Kosta – Digital Marketing Academy”. She has graduated in University of Tirana with the degree of Philosophy and Sociology. She has successfully completed the Master Studies for “International Business and Marketing”. In 2012 she started Freelancing in Social Media Advertising services. In 2014 she founded her first company IMRC and offered specialized services related to Advertising and Social Media Marketing, eCommerce and Coaching.

Since 2014 she managed advertising budgets above to $1M in ads spend. Experienced a measured ROI of 20-40% in specific campaigns.

Gathering such experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising allowed her to start her Training and Coaching Career.

Since 2015 she trained over 1800 students in the Social Media Marketing Expertise and allowing them to experience a new career.

Super Efficient

We take any project with the same positive energy to provide with the best solutions your business might need.

Deeply Committed

Our evaluation process takes every step to learn about your business and know your business specifics. This allows us to identifying your strengths and advantages.

Highly Skilled

Our qualifications and experience are a proven record of the deliverables for your business needs.

Eljona Kosta

Digital Marketing Expert and Business Coach

Agency Owner

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