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So we are all conscious that in our reality the internet has changed the way we live our life, by making it easier for sure. That is a change in technology that has given to every internet user the power of "posting". You can post anything on the net, you can write, you can comment, you can tweet, you can also have your own Blog.  Blog is a journal “on the go”. A blog is based on discontinuous posts. Blog is a conversational locus that is broadcasting internationally. Well, a blog is a website – like the one you are right now, where you can post anything you want, wait for the comments also ask question to the webmaster. Usually the blog is based on a specific niche. Each blogger find the niche it is more comfortable and start publishing articles. You can post reviews, show your talent to the world or can become an opinion leader.

The blogging world is called Blog-o-sphere. In blog-o-sphere, day to day creators produce their own point of view. All blogs and their cooperation make blog-o-sphere. It occur jointly or individually as social networking services.

Now days Blogging is becoming the new era of working online, every pro blogger that has many blogs to manage creates the called Blog Network. It motivates the disparate blogs on the comparable web to expand the broadcast earnings which are triggered from accessible broadcast.

With a Blog Network, companies or individuals can promote their products and services as well they can manage, monitor and direct huge audiences.


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