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My desire is to help anyone who want to be Financially free by working online

Let me tell more About me!

These are difficult times to start a new online income stream, I know. 

Believe me, I have been through a difficult time too.

I live in Albania. A country where there is a vast lack of information about Internet Marketing. I spent a lot of time searching on the internet about working online opportunities. I wanted so badly to be financially independent.  I had a 9 to 5 job but I was thirsty about finding new opportunities online.

In 2009 I was surfing online and learning new things about Marketing because I was working in my Master degree, and I found myself very motivated and engaged to internet marketing.

Everything I found was new to me, but very impressed by the results people were sharing. I have tried everything in internet and YES, I earned money, and Yes I lost some.

I earned money by Freelancing, Translation, Article Writing and Re-writing, Blogging, Website Creation, eCommerce projects, Data Entry, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

I started from $5 bucks earnings per week. And I was working on small projects stated above to $1000 per day, from Facebook campaign management. Also I found new clients that needed Advertising optimization and business consultancy. All these high paying projects I Found them ONLINE. I really enjoyed working for them, especially  working as Social Media Manager, in Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter Ads and Facebook Campaign management.

What is this blog for?

I thought if I start blogging, everyone else can learn how to earn money working online, by spending just several hours per day implementing the same techniques I am using.

Most of the called “Internet Marketer Guru’s” claim they offer the possibility of passive incomes. But being down to earth I can really tell that only the right motivation and persistence could make you an successful Internet marketer.
It needs a day by day dedication, engagement, learning and implementing!
Maximum Matrix aims to be the landing platform for starters. A Blog where you can learn to be Experts no matter the field of your specialty is.


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