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Bill Gates once said:

" If I want anything done I give it to a lazy person because the lazy one will find
easier ways to get the job done " (paraphrase). It's no surprise he used an automated
system (sort of) for his ice bucket challenge.

No wonder he is the richest man in the world.

A lot of people have advised sheer grunt work and disguise it by calling it hard work.

My advise: Let your hard work be in things that will bring the most value to your business.
Ask yourself what was working in 2014. What will work in 2015?

What are the thought leaders talking/writing/speaking about.

Who are my competitors. What competitive advantages do they have.
What tools are they using. What can I automate? how can I get cheap labor?

Am I very good at something that I can trade for something else? Can I use the JV approach?

If you are hoping for success which I hope you do, let your question not just be how to get free traffic but why.
These are the questions all the marketers will have on their routine.

Marketers cross different challenges in their way but it is always accompanied with lessons learned.

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