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I want to share with you a test I've done recently in #Fiverr on How to leverage Fiverr and earn more money

Over the last week I have given priority to the freelance platform Fiverr. If you have no yet started to use it, I think now you need to get action and for sure you can create a business along with it.  I was registered long ago and I used it mostly for my business needs as logo design, programming, web design, etc. While watching what others offered as services (you can’t even imagine how infinitely of the opportunities and options are there). I, for example am neither designer or programmer as these professions  are requiring a certain specialty.

Here is a tutorial how to set up your account in fiverr!

And I thought actually I can do some things:

- I can write or rewrite an article.

- I can use the space of my blogs:

  1. Publish banners of other businesses
  2. Publish their Articles
  3. I can send an email to all my blogs Subscribers with relevant info for what they subscribed for.

And during the period I tested it – Exactly 7 days – There were 6 orders for my gigs/services with a total value of $132.

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The gorgeousness of Fiverr is that you start to offer a basic service which starts from $5 and initially you can add 2 extra gigs (in the language of Fiverr gigs are services) that can vary up to $25.

So what happened after a week that I had my gigs-offs set up I can say was – Spectacular!! And that was due to:

- Quick response

- Professional and fast communication with buyer

- Service delivered in a very minimum time

It was really unbelievable - I have achieved the status of "Level 1 Seller", which in the language of Fiverr means that you are one of the professionals most likely to win more money.


Now when I create or offer a new gig I can invoice services worth up to $3,000.

I sincerely and strongly suggest you start using Fiverr!

Even if you worry that you cannot accomplish several or even basic services, use Outsourcing – Freelancer.com, it is cheaper and offers good quality.

In at least two occasions this is what I've done:

Somebody ordered my #Fiverr gig to write an article about “Travelling in India” – I have to be honest with you, I did not have time to do it myself. And at that time Fiver was not a priority for me.

I logged in my Freelancer account and I published a project in Freelancer – I waited for the bids (bids in terms of Freelancer are called the expression of interest to work in my project) – A detailed article on how I use Freelancer will be published soon in the blog. Basically – I bought a *copyscaped article for $2 and sold that for $5.

Get Your Freelancer Account for Free Here

And if you can do that indefinitely – how Amazing can be that? I think it is super awesome! And you are not going to make anything yourself. Outsource it!

I delivered the article to my buyer within the 48h timeframe – he was very happy with the quality and the quick delivery and I got my 5 star review and 5$ in my fiverr wallet.

The possibility of Outsourcing are UNLIMITED!

I decided that I will dedicate up to 15% of my time to Fiverr services optimization.

And if you are asking, How do I get paid? It is really super simple.

I use Payoneer Credit Cards:



The benefits:

Receive & Withdraw Funds

  • Receive funds from thousands of companies worldwide
  • Spend online, in-store and withdraw at ATMs with the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® Card
  • Withdraw funds to your local bank account, in your local currency

If you have questions how to set up these accounts. Write to me directly below:

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