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Do you use Facebook?

It is very crucial to create a sustainable audience for your blog. Whether you buy traffic or engage your followers through posts, articles or other forms.

We all know that Facebook is now days the best traffic referral in social media.

As the matter of fact… despite of which platform you use in social media, you will never get 100% of your audience to see all the Content on your blog.

That’s why it is on the top of every Marketer list.

Facebook is and remain the best place to engage and share your blog content.

Try to use an eye catching picture in your posting, inviting phrases to engage people comment  or like or share. And if you are going to promote a product there are your buyers too.

You can create Facebook Groups, or be part of the Groups created related to your niche. You can post your newly articles there and ask members to comment or ask questions.

Remember to do it with rationality, it is important that the content not the frequency.

The most important, Create VALUE to the group Primary before you share any of your own content.

I will post another article about how to create Value.

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