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Proof that social media produces Google traffic

About three weeks ago I learned about a really great infographic that showed the process of how social media interaction produces search engine traffic. You can see that infographic here:


Of course it's one thing to claim that something is true, but another entirely to actually see that it's true. So let me prove it to you.

I have a brand new site that I'm working on. It has a very active social media campaign going (Twitter mostly, with some Pinterest and Facebook activity as well). The site has had no external search engine optimization done (that is, no links have been built to the site in any artificial way), and very little on-page SEO.

And yet, about one month from the day the site was born it is generating traffic from the search engines -- 772 visitors as of today.

Here's the Analytics chart showing that:

View Infographic

Why does this work?

Because when a site gets a lot of positive social activity, that naturally leads to people doing the things that Google (and Bing) want to see (e.g. linking and referencing the site). Those citations lead to rankings, and the rankings lead to traffic.

In addition, both Google and Bing display Twitter results in their search results (seethis link for an article about Google's tweet display and this link for Bing's). Bing has been doing this for years, and Google has done so more recently.

That means that when you're active on Twitter it can result in more traffic from the search engines. For international traffic Google is top dog, but don't underestimate Bing and Yahoo when it comes to traffic from the USA. They can deliver solid numbers in the right geographic markets.

Facebook isn't indexed by either engines, but being active on that platform naturally leads to links and citations that can help your ranking. Buzz works, and social media can generate it fast.

And don't even get me started about how much traffic Pinterest can generate. Wow! I've used Pinterest to drive tens of thousands of visitors to multiple sites in just a few weeks time.

Automation is a key to great social media results (it certainly has been for me), but you need to be automating the posting of great content. Posting lots of low quality content won't result in anything. You need to be posting the stuff people want to read and share.

You need a great product, too. Promoting junk won't result in success. To quote Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, "If you do build a great experience, customers will tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."

So if you're not doing so, be sure you're active in social media for all of your sites. It takes work and effort and energy and time, but the results speak for themselves.

I also posted this to my Facebook page. Please go share your thoughts, questions, and personal experiences about social media and search engine interaction. And remember that I try to post to my page just about every day, so there's lots of other business wisdom there for you to read, share and comment on.


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