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Learn the reasons why you would choose to work online


  1. You will not have a superior over your head

Let's be realistic you would prefer a boss that directs you at every moment what to do, or you have the reins of your life and decide how and why to do something? I will not answer that.


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  1. You can perform many jobs or projects at the same time

Meanwhile in many companies there is a restriction that you should not carry out other profitable activities outside the company.


  1. You can work according to your convenient time scheduleimages (7)

It is not necessary to wake up early and have to worry about traffic or fuel that you would spend daily. You decide for yourself which is the most productive time for you.


  1. You can work from wherever you are

You choose the hours but also the location. images (1)You can choose to work from home, while drinking coffee, while you're traveling or from any corner of the world where there is Internet. I personally like Spain.



  1. It costs very cheap to start

Many online professionals have started almost from "zero", withoutimages (2) any knowledge or details info on how it works. Meanwhile, the development has led that many resources are now online, online presentations, workshops, free training which help you to find the easier and more convenient way for you. Bill Gates in an interview said: if during a project you encounter a difficult situation, then, give that task to a lazy person, as it will do its best to find the simplest method to complete it. So, it is already invented the called "automation". Many settings are automated.

  1. Your incomes depends only from youdownload (1)

Often when I have been employed somewhere, I was always thinking how was going the company performance, because according to that performance also depended my employment, my promotion and my salary. Working Online, you set the limits for yourself how much you have to earn, without being dependent on the payroll structure of the company that determines your value. Everything here depends on how much time and devotion will you dedicate to your online projects.

  1. Working online is the "Tendency"

The Internet has already determined its fate. It is the future, where there will be gathered and performed everything. images (5) There will be asked and offered everything, where  anyone, anywhere he is, he will interact with many  others. It is such a dimension of development, as the  great Stephen Hawking is expressed very  enthusiastic about facilities and opportunities  offered.

  1. Follow your Dreams and Talent

You can become an interpreter and choose translating according to the profileimages (3) where you more secure. You could be a trainer. You could be a designer. You could be a Medical Transcription, You could be a Mystery Shopper. You could be a programmer. You could be a business Adviser. You can make Surveys. You could be a social media marketer. You could be a negotiator. I could go on endlessly and enumerate all types of professions required online. Experts are required. You can become the best expert in your field. (click here for  opportunities)

  1. To feel that you have a purpose in life

images (4)Make yourself this question: if you want to live or to exist? The whole essence lies in this response. The whole philosophy since its genesis has raised this question and all the great philosophers were trying to orient human thinking from "existence" to "living". There are many authors, leaders or coaches who consistently disclose motivation how-s and why-s of our daily actions. Many of them have motivated and continue to motivate me to live, not just exist. To make my life more valuable!


To conclude, there are hundreds of other reasons that I can list in this article. But the truth is: can everyone take this initiative; decide to live in the next level of freedom? The answer is very simple, Certainly not! Continued effort is required, time planning and clear definition of the strategy. Is required the right "mindset". However, one thing is sure; everything is achievable if you want it. 1Only Sky is the limit!

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