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How much important is Facebook Advertising for you?


As I have explained in the first article, it is very important to "be prepared" before you start your campaigns in Facebook. As Facebook now is the leading platform that allows you to target your audience exactly as your expectations are.

Let's Start!

Enlighten your Goals

First and important steps to do for your Facebook Advertising, you have to state the objectives of your campaign.

This is going to be different depending on your business, however I have discovered that the best approach to get followers is by email opt in method.

Basic step is to show to your visitors a convincing and realistic offer, gather their email details and afterward advertise to them with an email auto-responder.

I have discovered that if you are attempting to get individuals purchase an offer specifically from the advert itself it is much healthier to get conversions.

When you think about your subscribers, you must be considering giving them long term value.

My Campaign Goals

Considering as above displayed, I define the objectives of my Facebook advertising campaign as below displayed:

  1. Increase the number of email subscriptions
  2. Increase likes in my Facebook page

Really straight forward objectives!

Setting Up My Email Auto-Responder

I utilized Aweber and GetResponse to make an Email auto responder which is intended to keep individuals continually engaged by the value I added in the email with a FREE offer I have sent out.

This engagement is realized in specific ways:

In the initial email I ask everyone to connect with me on social media where they present themselves and become part of my network.

The second email asks individuals on how I can help them in their outstanding projects and I welcome them to make any inquiry they need using my contact form in the blog.

This definitely makes a solid relationship with new followers regardless of the possibility that they don't post a question.


After that I can send out any of my previous tutorials, brochures or presentations to make them feel confident in their prospects and objectives.

This implies also that old posts are continually getting new traffic, new clicks from affiliates, new social media followers and new comments which help lead to higher rankings in the search engines for my blog.

Those steps really have helped me in the blog achievement.

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