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Time to go MOBILE - a myth or a necessity? 

At the start of the decade, experts predicted that mobile internet usage would eclipse desktop in 2014. The data is in, and it happened - in spades.

Last year data’s shows that eighty percent (80%) of Internet users searched the web through smartphones. In November, Ericsson reported that 2.7 billion Smartphone’s are connected around the world.

So, finally 2015 is here! In one thing at least you need to be conscious: Your customers are on mobile devices. Your potential customers are on mobile devices too. Chances are that you too are spending more and more time on your Smartphone.




But is your business where your customers are? Are you prepared for that?

If your answer is, Yes! Congratulations!




If your answer is 'no', then don't worry: I can suggest thousands of experts that can help your business thrive in this new landscape.

Voilà! Freelancer ready to start!

Lifestyle and shopping app usage grew by a whopping 174% year-over-year in 2014. If your business doesn't have iPhone and Android apps to connect you to your customers, then you're missing out on this growth.

What do people want from a mobile website?

In a survey conducted by Google, 85% of adults responded that a company's mobile website should be friendlier to users than their desktop website. To satisfy your customers, your mobile website needs to load quickly and must be easy to navigate.

Aim for mobile responsiveness.

A responsive web design means that your website looks and works great, whether your customers arrive on their mobile or on their computer. It makes for an easier and more enjoyable user experience. So make sure your website is responsive.


If you are a Developer, you can:

Create a mobile app 

Build a mobile website  in responsive web design builder

…And, get highly payments.

make money with your web site

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