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Understand 5 Methods That Provide The Effectiveness of Facebook Campaigns

To create an advertising campaign that is effective, it involves more than simply display your advertisement on Facebook. Of course that may happen you to succeed in this form, but you should always make sure to consider the following 5 tips to having a continued success on Facebook Ads Campaign management.

1. Advertising only with Mobile ads 

Studies show that 75% of the total Facebook users will enter the network through their mobile phones. So Facebook has created the way for you to create and manage mobile ads separated from  the desktop ads. Recently many advertisers are trying the method of  targeting mobile campaigns and desktop within the same campaign rather to create two different campaigns. This is a more efficient method to optimize your budget in one place.

2. Advertisement for your Mobile Application

If you have a mobile application for your brand, service or your company, first it must be found in the AppStore or GooglePlay. So make sure to make accessible to iPhone or Android users. Through campaigns designed for mobile applications, Facebook creates the opportunity for you to check your application downloads. This is even more effective when your goal is to create your own trusted community. After each downloading of your application, you will be able to create a direct relationship with your users. Especially if you are a startup that is trying to create as much engagement from your users, this is a very powerful way.

3. Re-targeting 

This is already happening! Tell me how many of you have visited a website and ads to that site or the products or services it offered, they follow you wherever you go? This happens even though you did not make any purchases at that site. So through re-targeting you will "follow" your customer anywhere on the Internet.

For this reason Facebook has created an incredibly powerful tool, where you can target specific audiences that you create on Facebook. These custom audience you can create based on your targeting elements (demographics, age, sex, country, etc.) and save it with a certain label of your choice, and whenever you make a re-targeting you select this audience. 

4. Experiment with posts on your site

As advertiser, sometimes when you create a campaign on Facebook you may decide to promote a post that has been already published on your Facebook page, or you can choose to create a new post that is not posted before.

My suggestion is that you choose to promote a post that has an audience of its own on your fan page and also has high rankings among your recent posts. If you are serious about advertising on Facebook, then you have definitely seen a notification message that Facebook let you know which one of your recent posts is getting the most attention from your followers and that stands higher. If didn't, no problem, pay more attention next time. In fact, Facebook also suggests that you Boost that post, sometimes also in what amount. When a post meets these parameters, your ROI will go to the maximum levels and the cost of engagement will be too low.

5. Create rotating design for your advertising

Try constantly and continuously change your ads for a full Effectiveness of Facebook Campaigns. This is what gives me results, continuous improvement of advertising in order to not be boring for the audience and make them leave without clicking. The more you apply this method, the more successful your advertising will be.

If you want to increase your level of Ads Management and became a Super Advertiser, or if you want this to turn into a profession and you need more information on the matter, do not hesitate to write me directly in the space of comment below specifying clearly your interest.

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